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About Us

Stephen Telfer, B.Sc. B.Ed.

Financial Advisor

Stephen Telfer enjoys visiting with his client/individuals and families that are now mostly friends. Stephen is a caring individual who enjoys helping and educating. Let’s plan to make the today, tomorrow and your future more comfortable.

Stephen likes to strategize with each client to help them establish a financial approach that is beneficial to their financial objectives.

Stephen offers insurance products as well as mutual funds and will strive to get the most out of your income and protect you against some of the risks life throws at us. His primary mission has always been helping clients achieve financial security through income replacement in cases of either premature death or disability through sickness or accident, or when circumstances or choice puts one into retirement. In addition to investment and insurance products, Stephen offers tax preparation services.

Stephen has no financial ties to any investment or insurance company and therefore has the freedom to offer solutions that best suit each individual, family or business. To complement our services, we work with individuals and businesses in various fields of expertise in order to provide clients with the highest level of assistance.

With 20 years of experience, Stephen has established relationships with clients from many different walks of life. He is committed to helping his clients find ways to enjoy the present and take care of their future at the same time.

Stephen enjoys music, swimming, travel, cooking, fishing and football.

Sharon Telfer

Financial Advisor

Since 1989 Sharon has been working with individuals, families, and businesses to assist in achieving financial goals and protection from the unexpected. Being a wife, mother and grandmother Sharon is a natural caregiver who understands and works to help fulfill the hopes and dreams of others.

One of the keys to her success is providing information and education to assist in making smart decisions for today, tomorrow and the future.

Sharon provides a variety of choices for investing strategies, looking for fund companies with a record of strong management and those who strive to offer competitive opportunities for strong long-term growth as well as those offering guaranteed options.

Being in the financial community for over 25 years has provided Sharon with the experience and training to recognize it’s not all about the money though that’s an important tool. It’s about “What’s most important to you and your family?” “What are the strategies you and I can put together to ensure a benefit now and in the future?”

As an independent advisor, Sharon has no obligation to one financial or insurance provider and therefore has no bias in recommending one product over another. Taking a holistic (one-stop) approach to her business, Sharon aligns herself with other professionals in order to meet the needs of her clients.

Sharon works with a diversified team, centered on relationships, service, education and doing “what’s right.” When not visiting with her clients or meeting referrals she is busy with her family and church in her pursuit of spiritual, educational and personal growth.

Paulla Adamitz, BA (Special), B.Ed.

Financial Advisor

Paulla’s constant search for knowledge has made her an invaluable partner at Ideal Solutions Financial. She not only provides our office with her support in administration but also has become a source of expertise in the field of insurance.

While assisting in our day to day processing, Paulla recognized the needs in the area of insurance and subsequently obtained her licence.

For over a decade, Paulla’s honesty, integrity, ethics and ability to provide excellent customer service has led her to be a trusted counsellor for her growing insurance business.

As an independent broker of insurance products, Paulla has the flexibility to choose from a variety of companies in order to provide her clients with personalized solutions for their ever evolving individual and/or business needs.

Paulla has built her insurance business by working diligently in developing long-term client relationships. Her passion is for client success.

A proponent of lifelong learning, Paulla is continually seeking information to expand her knowledge and skills through relevant courses, workshops and specialized training.

Paulla Adamitz is associated with Ideal Solutions Financial only and is not registered in any capacity with Canfin Financial Group.